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Yelp 1 10/26/2013 5.0
The best pizza in the Dallas area.  The sauce flavor is perfect - not too strong, not sweet.. The entrees are great too - haven't had a bad meal here in all our visits. The Saturday Prime Rib sandwich is delicious and a bargain price.Service in the dining room is great even when they are busy on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are in the Back Mountain and want great food at a reasonable price, xxx is the place to go.Parking can be tricky on Fridays as the bar is usually packed and they do have a live musician beginning at about 8:00.
Sean M.
Yelp 2 5/14/2015 1.0
Being in the food service industry for 40 yrs. of pricing & ordering, I know what of I say.  Had fried calamari w/  sauce on the side.  $10.00.  That would be okay if the portion was correct, it was not!  I know what the charge should have been for the amt. of food I got. At 5.99, you still well exceed 300%, which is required. But, $10, come on now, that's just wrong.  Not to mention the fact that it sucked. My husband had a meatball sub.  Frozen crap meatballs w/fries, another $10. Draft beer @ 40 degrees. When paying my check, I asked the little blonde ponytail girl waitress for some  ones, as I was to get $10  back. She handed me two fives with a smile. Believe me,  customers aren't stupid! If you need money that bad, get a second job!!!
Sara J.
Yelp 3 11/16/2014 5.0
Love this restaurant. Food is great. Our waitress, who's name was Carissa I believe, was so nice! If you come to dine in ask for her
Alexandra F.
Yelp 4 8/15/2014 3.0
In my previous review I raved about how great this place is. Don't get me wrong it is... But only on the restaurant side. I recently visited with my boyfriend but we went to the bar for a change. The bartender who was serving us was more interested in talking to her coworkers than serving her customers. The other bartender was reading the newspaper and not paying attention to anyone. Then, when she thought no one was watching, she picked her nose and blew it right by the glasses and other customers. I was strongly disappointed by the service. As usual though, I was not disappointed by the food. I got a medium rare burger that was cooked perfectly and tasted as delicious as it looked. My boyfriend got wings (as always) because he loves their sauces and the wings are always cooked perfectly.
Elizabeth A.
Yelp 5 7/22/2013 3.0
Pretty good round pizza. Decent beer selection, good service. Recommended if some of the other places are closed...They should stick to pizza and bar food though - had a terrible Tuna sandwich from there a while back.
Rob M.
Yelp 6 7/31/2012 4.0
The atmosphere is great. Bar closes early though...not too cool for drinkers like myself. Try the hot horseradish wings!!!!
Eric C.
Yelp 7 7/10/2012 4.0
Good pizza! Great crab bisque (fridays only -boo) friendly service, nice atmosphere.  Pizza has gotten better since they changed the dough.  Overall, a good place to go.
Eric M.
TripAdvisor 1 8/2/2015 1.0
“Messed up!”
Sunday night 7pm. Open tables, waited to be seated, no problem. Hostess, unfriendly, Seated...waited, waited,others were seated, waited,waited. They get there orders taken, we're still waiting. One girl running like crazy, no wonder she's so darn skinny. The others just standing around. Service here is terrible, I don't think they know what they're doing honestly. We've been here before and... More 
Christine W
TripAdvisor 2 7/16/2015 4.0
“Good food”
Went here for lunch, chicken wing pizza was excellent and definitely suggest the sweet tai wings. Food took longer then I would have expected considering they weren't busy at all or I would have gave a 5.
Stacey D
TripAdvisor 3 5/8/2015 4.0
“Steak night!”
Every Tuesday the restaurant offers an appox.16 oz. NY strip dinner for $11.99 I have been there 3 times for steak night and have had a good experience each time. The bar is non smoking so we dined there once the next visit we sat in the dining room, to many screaming kids, back to the quiet bar for trip... More 
Edison L
TripAdvisor 4 4/30/2015 4.0
“Something to do”
my first visit was excellent food was wonderful and portion are good service excelent they were very hepful I would go again
Anne B
TripAdvisor 5 4/21/2015 2.0
“Don't waste your time”
I've been to xxx a total of three times now, each time hoping that I will have a better, was I wrong! I waited three weeks after their grand opening, you know, to let the hype die down and to allow the staff time to work out the usual quirks that a new place will have. We decided... More 
Melissa S
TripAdvisor 6 4/1/2015 4.0
“Nice place.”
We sat in the bar area they were very busy.They ran out of stuffed mushrooms and we were there before 6. They opened at 4...
TripAdvisor 7 2/23/2015 5.0
Not sure what others didn't like about this place ...maybe they went too soon to the Grand opening but this place is the BEST!! Beautiful bar, great service and amazing food! I would recommend to all!!
TripAdvisor 8 2/21/2015 3.0
“Nice place, good service, need to work on food quality”
We've been there three times so far. I'll agree with other reviewers- nice atmosphere, the place is very nice. Servers are great (we've eaten both on the bar and dining room). Salmon dinner has been consistent but the broccoli always overlooked and the baked potato undercooked. Tried the fried who jen with what I think was garlic sauce but couldn't... More 
TripAdvisor 9 2/4/2015 2.0
“Three Strikes, You're OUT!!”
My husband and I stopped in about two weeks after the grand opening. It was a Sunday afternoon and the bar was packed so we sat at a table next to the bar. Our waitress took our order pretty fast, although it took awhile to get our beers. My husband ordered a burger and I got the grilled chicken sandwich.... More 
TripAdvisor 10 12/27/2014 2.0
“I usually don't do this.....”
I usually don't give a review after only one visit, But I am for this restaurant. If it weren't for the Exceptional service I would have rated this restaurant as terrible. We were promptly shown to our seat, I had requested a booth by the big bay windows in front. Just a view of Rte 11 and the cars going... More 
Bill G
JudysBook 1 6/22/2005 4.0
Great Pizza
xxx Pizza is a great place to get pizza. They have the longer sicilian pieces as well as the normal triangle pizza. They have a sit down restraunt or you can take your food out. They have a bar on the other end of the restraunt as well. They have a menu of great appetizers, pizza, subs and more. The only bad thing here is you can only pay with cash.
Michele B.
Yelp 1 8/29/2015